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Indigenous Tribes of the Amazon Rainforest

January 25th, 2011
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The Amazon is widely known for its vast array of animal and plant wildlife, but few people are aware of those few indigenous tribes that continue to inhabit the rainforest. It is believed that there are 15 un-contacted or ‘isolated’ tribes living in remote areas of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Many tribes are located along the Peru-Brazil border, with Brazil boasting the highest number of indigenous tribes in the world. The governments of both Peru and Brazil have set up reserves and enforced laws in order to protect these isolated but contacted tribes of the Amazon.


Perhaps the most contacted of these indigenous tribes is the Matses, located on the northeastern Peruvian border with Brazil along the Yavari River. Within the Manu National Park and Biosphere Reserve lie the Maschu-Piro and Parquenahua tribes. In nearby Cusco, the Kugapakori and Nahua tribes have also been spotted. These Amazon tribes range in cultures and traditions as well as the weapons they use and the shelters they construct. Some tribes use the bow and arrow and others take to the blow-dart as a means for hunting, however they all share, in some form, the Pano language to communicate. It is widely believed that these tribes originate from the Asian migrants from the last ice age circa 9000 BC.

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